Why organize UBC?

The University of British Columbia is the largest university in the province and one of the largest in the nation. And yet, it lags behind many other schools who already have unionized research assistants, academic and lab assistants, and other student worker positions. This is despite the fact that the University cannot run without us.

The lack of a union has meant diminished ability to affect your working conditions or get fair wages. It has meant lower health and safety protocols, unclear or inconsistent hiring processes, unchallenged harassment, lack of support for mental health, widespread overwork/burnout, and having to deal with problems at work alone.

The only way to address these issues and advance the rights of graduate students and other academic workers on campus is to organize into a union and be protected under a collective agreement with the university.

Entry into the union means we can fight together for:

  • Fairness: Transparency, clarity, and standards at work
  • Equity: Enforceable protections for all
  • Security: Job security and clear rules for access to work
  • Safety: A safe and healthy workplace
  • Respect: Recognition as essential academic workers
  • Support: Proper training and supervision
  • Dignity: Improved mental health supports
  • Democracy: A collective voice for all student workers over working conditions

Together, we can make the University of British Columbia a better space for student workers.

Are you ready to take action to improve your workplace?

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