It’s time to Organize UBC!

We have now launched our campaign to unionize student workers at UBC! For far too long, research assistants and academic assistants have endured low wages, no job protections, and poor working conditions. We say enough is enough! All student workers deserve enough money to live and the job security that a union provides.

We are a collective of graduate and undergraduate students coming together to unionize ALL research student workersat UBC. Today marks the start of card signing, which we encourage all RAs and AAs to sign now. Thanks to BC’s new one-step process, if we can get 55% of student workers to sign cards, our union will be automatically certified. You can sign a card right now by clicking here

To learn more about our campaign and why we are unionizing you can read further on this website, starting with Why Organize UBC. You can also get in touch with any questions at our contact us page

And we can’t do it without YOU! This is a huge unionization campaign, one of the biggest in BC history, and all UBC student workers will need to come together to win. We want you to get involved today! We welcome everyone regardless of past experience. Join us by talking to people you know, spreading the word about the campaign, and organizing your UBC community. There is a place in this movement for everyone! Click here to sign up. 

When we come together, we win *fire*

In solidarity,

The Committee to Organize UBC